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Rolf R. Rohn

An outstanding liturgical artist, designer, and consultant with more than 36 years experience, Rolf R. Rohn has dedicated his entire professional career to the study and execution of liturgical design and sacred art. His intense commitment to his profession began as an apprentice mentoring with his father, Rudolph N. Rohn, an enormously gifted liturgical artist and founder of Rudolph N. Rohn Liturgical Arts Studio.

To further prepare for this profession, Rolf continued his education by attending Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, majoring in Art History and Theology. His constant thirst to broaden and expand his knowledge has taken him to cities all over Europe studying ancient liturgical art, techniques, and architecture.

Rolf is well respected by his clients and peers for his command of liturgical design and comprehensive worship environments master planning. His in-depth insight and resourcefulness, developed through many years of commitment to the liturgical design field, has proven to be a valued asset on hundreds of projects throughout the country. Guidance you can trust.


Kathleen L. Maglicco
A gifted interior designer specializing in worship environment, Kathleen L. Maglicco has more than 17 years experience in the field of liturgical interior design and parish education.

Kathy began preparation for her career in design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh majoring in interior design, graduating with honors. She continued her education at the catholic theological union, Institute for Liturgical Consultants in Chicago, Illinois, studying liturgical design and parish education.

In 1984, she joined the firm of Rolf R. Rohn & Associates training under the guidance of Rolf R. Rohn, one of the country's leading liturgical design consultants. In 1989 she was appointed an associate design & parish education. In 1999 she formed KLM Interior Design Associates, providing support services to the Rohn Design Group in the areas of colors, finishes, liturgical furnishings and sacred art.

Kathy travels extensively throughout the United States, Europe and China studying liturgical design and sacred art, bringing an enriched perspective to ongoing projects.


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