Rohn & Associates Design, Inc.

Project Management


Our firm has the talent and resources available to provide full-scale project management services. These services give our valued clients complete assurance that their unique project objectives are achieved. We¹ll deliver the commissioned goods, on time, on budget and consistent with the specified quality and performance standards.

When you've decided to work with us we can immediately start talking about how we can best help your church or parish. Tasks are given to managers who will assess the situation and determine what needs to be done. By dividing our work to project managers we can individually meet your needs and give personal attention to each assignment we take on.

Throughout a project you'll be updated through written or verbal communication as well as photographs to document the work being done. Rolf looks into each project making sure our customers are happy and satisfied with our work. With over 1,300 commissions to our credit, we know we can provide the quality you deserve, allow us to give you that assurance.

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Rohn & Associates Design, Inc.
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Pittsburgh, PA 15226
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Rohn & Associates Design Inc.
5804 Babcock Road # 371
San Antonio, Texas 78240
Phone: (210) 414-4756
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