This item is available exclusively to Catholic churches. The high altar shown here is not included. The cost of dismantling, crating and shipping is included. The cost of installation is not included.


SKU: 2017-0001
  • This majestic baldacchino is made of Botoccino and Breccia Caprais marble with smalti and gold mosaics inside the dome. It is topped with a beautifully carved stone cross in a Romanesque style. On the front side, there are two marble vessels. At the top of the baldacchino, there are 4 elaborate carved stone arches with a floral pattern and an oval shied at the center with the IHS symbol.  




    Light blue smalti with small scattered silver and gold stars emanating from the center. At the edge of the mosaic, there is a geometric pattern in gold and blue tones. 


    Mosaic dimensions: 12’1” x 11’ 2"




    All columns are made of two different types of marble. 


    Bases: Botoccino. Columns: Breccia Caprais 


    Each of the 4 columns is resting on a two-tone marble base: 4’ 4” width on each side x 3”6” height


    Each front leg has 3 marble columns; 2 of the columns are round, 1 is square.


    Length of round column: 19’ 8”

    Width of round column: 1’ 5”

    Length of rectangular column: 19‘ 8”


    Width of rectangular column: 1’ 7”


    REPLACEMENT COST: $ 750,000


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