Stained Glass Windows - Cabrini, Saints and Symbols

SKU: 2018-00176
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    Our patrimony is available exclusively to Catholic churches.

  • A set of stained glass windows with figurative design and symbols at the top, all windows are dedicated. Stained, leaded glass windows in several panels.  In good condition, all windows have a panel that opens.
    Right side of the Nave
    Window 1:  St Francis Xavier and the Blessed Child - “Blessed are the Pure of Heart” - Gift o John Ciotoli
    Window 2: Our Lady of Fatima - “Blessed are they who Mourn” - Gift of Luigi Marchetti
    Window 3: Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, M.S.C. - “Blessed are the Meek” - In Loving Memory of Jacob and Sophie Rice
    Window 4: Vatican Symbol with Holy Spirit - “Blessed are the poor in spirit” - Gift of Loving Friends
    Left side of the Nave:
    Window 5: - Symbol Institutum Missionarium AMGSSCJ a Sacro dor de Jesu - “Blessed are the Merciful” - Gift of Loving Friends
    Window 6: Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, M.S.C. with children - “Blessed are the Peacemakers” - In Loving Memory of Mary K Rafferty
    Window 7: St. Maria Goretti - “Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice sake” - Gift of Loving Friends
    Window 8: Guardian Angel with Child - “Blessed are they who hunger for thirst of Justice” - In Loving Memory of Samuel R. Rosoff
    Sanctuary: Window 9:  The Holy Spirit with 7 querubims - floral pattern

    Total dimension, each: 4'6" wide by 12' tall.

    German style, hand painted, colored leaded glass.

    To be sold as an eleven windows set.

    Age: 100 years old