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Altar, Ambo and Lecturn - Set

SKU: 2018-00184
  • Our artists can easily refinish these treasured items to harmonize with your environment at a very reasonable price compared to what they would cost to reproduce.


    Contact us for price and restoration options


    Our patrimony is available exclusively to Catholic churches.

  • A set of liturgical furniture: Altar, Ambo and Lectern.


    Materials: it appears to be laminated wood with a light finish.


    Altar with Chi-Ro and front inscription: 'Where there is Charity and Love, there is God'. 72”l by 30”d by 41”h


    Ambo with low relief of the Holy Spirit - 50”h by 24”w by 19”d


    Lectern - 18”w by 18”d by 41”h



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