This item is available exclusively to Catholic churches. The cost of dismantling, crating and shipping is included. The cost of installation is not included.

Altar - Neo-Gothic White Carrara Marble High Altar

SKU: 2017-0004
  • This magnificent and uniquely preserved high altar is made of several slabs of white Carrara marble.

    **The base of this altar is no longer available. However, we can replicate this altar to match the matching side altars**




    On the base of the altar, there is a carefully detailed high relief representing the Last Supper. The base is in very good condition, but some of the finer details of the hands of the Apostles have broken or missing pieces. 


    High relief dimension: 6’ 11” long x 2’ 5” tall


    Also part of the base are two side panels with “Alpha and Omega symbols” carved in low relief on the marble slab. 


    Each base side panel: 1’ 8” wide x 2’ 9” tall

    Total altar base dimension: 9’ 8” long x 3’ 2” tall




    The top of the mensa has 5 carved crosses. The crosses are 2 1/2 inches and at the center, there is a 4” space for a relic with a small cross carved on the inset. 


    Mensa dimension: 10’ 6” length x 1’ 10” width x 3’ 1/2” h




    Tabernacle marble dimension: 2’ 2” h x 1’ 10” wide




    Brass door is locked and depicts 2 kneeling angels with a cross in the center


    Measurements: 9 1/2” wide x 1’2” tall




    Raredos dimensions: Total width 20’ 5” and height at the tallest point 26’ 9”

    Bases of the 2 angels: 4’7” h x 3’ wide


    Each side of the raredo has a niche with a statue on it.


    The statue on the left side is a representation of St. John the Evangelist. Size: 1’10” tall x 1’2” wide.


    REPLACEMENT COST: $ 450,000


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