Altar - High Altar with Last Supper and Sacred Heart

SKU: 2018-00177
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    Our patrimony is available exclusively to Catholic churches.

  • Material: White Carrara Marble

    High altar with a marble statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a marble tester.  The base of the Altar has a representation of the Last Supper in low relief, in very good condition. The Tabernacle door has a representation of the Eucharist in low relief, the box and door is bronze.  Romanesque style. The high altar mensa has carvings of 5 crosses in representation of the wounds of Jesus. And there is an opening covered in marble for a reliquary.

    Statue of the Sacred Heard - Good - one missing finger
    Canopy of High Altar - tester, marble columns and crosses are in good condition, only the two back columns show damage (Broken marble) at the base
    High Altar and Mensa: Excellent, no damage
    Base of Altar:  Last Supper is in excellent condition, no damage

    ALTAR: 11’6” L by 4’3” deep
    STATUE: 4’3” h  
    LAST SUPPER: 4’6” w by 2’ tall
    TABERNACLE: 12” wide by 15” h by 21” deep


    Age: 100 years old