This item is available exclusively to Catholic churches and can be refinished to fit harmoniously into your sacred space by our Custom Studio artists. The cost of dismantling, crating and shipping is included. The cost of installation is not included.

Mosaic - Our Lady as Queen of Angels

SKU: 2017-0003
  • Exceptional smalti mosaic in two parts framed in Botoccino marble panels




    The bottom large mosaic depicts Our Lady as Queen of Angels and Mother of Men. 


    This large-scale mosaic has a wide marble frame with half classical Roman columns. The Botoccino marble is the same as on the rest of the pedestals and altars. The mosaic is in very good condition; no  pieces are missing.


    Dimensions with marble frame: 6’9” wide by 10’ 6” tall 

    Dimensions without frame: 4’ wide by 8’6” tall




    Half circle, depicting two cherubs in clouds next to sun.


    Dimensions without frame: 6’9” wide by 2” tall


    REPLACEMENT COST: $ 90,000


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