Altar - St. Joseph Side Altar

SKU: 2018-00217
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    Our patrimony is available exclusively to Catholic churches.

  • White Carrara marble side altar dedicated to St. Joseph. Part of a set that includes side altar to the Blessed Mother. 


    Includes high altar with raredos, a tabernacle, Statue of St Joseph with Child, a three step platform and communion railings. 


    BASE: 7’6” wide by 3’6” tall


    At the front of the base there is a carved symbol of St Joseph on a shield. The symbol is 3’2” tall by 2’8” wide.


    MENSA: The top has 5 carved crosses, each 2 1/2”, and 4” relic cut with a carved cross at 2 inches. 7’6” wide by 1’10” deep by 2.5” tall


    TABERNACLE: Brass door with a low relief depicting a cross. The inside of the tabernacle is wood, lined in fabric and with an image of the cross. 1’7” wide by 1’8” tall by 1’8” deep. 


    TABERNACLE DOOR: 1’3” tall by 10” wide


    At the top of the altar, there is a statue of St. Joseph holding Jesus as child inside a niche. Statue: 4’10” tall by 1’8” wide


    SIDE ALTAR RAREDOS: Each side has 2 marble panels. Raredo panels each: 5’ 9” tall by 1’9” wide


    NICHE FOR STATUE: height 5’ 11” tall by 1’7” wide


    RAREDO CENTER PANEL: top altar highest point 16’ 2” inches


    Rise of three steps to altar is 6”. 


    Top step: 7’2 1/2“ wide by 5’2” deep. 

    Middle step: 8’9” wide by 7’6” deep

    Bottom step: 10’ 5” wide by 8”1” deep