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Stained Glass Windows - Life of Christ

SKU: CEH_2019-004
  • Our artists can easily restore this treasured item to harmonize with your environment at a very reasonable price compared to what it would cost to reproduce.


    Contact us for price and restoration options


  • Full set of stained glass windows. Contemporary depiction, mid century, in excellent condition.                                               

    The Visitation   

    Finding in Temple 

    The Pieta

    The Presentation 

    Transom-Lamb of God

    Keys-Side Door  

    The Agony in the Garden 

    The Last Supper 

    The Sermon on Mount 

    Christ Blessing Children

    St. Jude   

    The Annunciation 

    The Nativity  

    The Holy Family

    The Wedding at Cana 

    St. Stephen   

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